Blog Post #1!

Well here goes….after many months and years of procrastination here is my first blog post. I think sometimes the thought of putting pen to paper is far more daunting than the actual writing itself. Waiting for the ‘creative inspiration’ to flow while you stare at a blank piece of paper can be overwhelming and not the least bit inspiring at all.

I often think that this can be what it’s like for our students. We tell them that they have an assigned block in the school day when they can be creative and draw or write or create, if they’re lucky. We hand them a journal, or a blank page and art materials, and ask them to create! The rest of the time there are curricular demands and common core objectives to be met which mean that it’s time to learn and focus on the task at hand. We have so many pressures and demands place upon us as teachers that it can be hard to see how we can do it all. How can we support lifelong passionate learners, foster their ability to be self-motivated and independent inquirers and creative and flexible thinkers, if we have a school day which has to cram in so much information and satisfy so many curricular demands?

I find this TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson to be hugely inspiring. He talks about how fundamental supporting creativity is to education. His talk is very entertaining so it is very easy to watch, but the message is very powerful and inspiring!


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