Math fun for Valentine’s Day

The season of love is upon us, when the kids start talking about all things cupid. My first grader came home from school the other day and announced that he was marrying ‘K’ in his class, and that she also wants to marry him, and showed me several pages of drawings covered in love hearts that ‘R’ had given him. He also explained that Cupid was very crafty, and that if he hit you with his bow you would fall in love. He didn’t seem too concerned about this possibility though! His drawing from school that day showed the inevitable, with crafty cupid in action, firing his arrows at him as he slept.

As the run up to Valentine’s day is well under way, I thought I’d share my FREE Valentine’s game, to encourage your students to have fun exploring the 10 frame, counting on and addition!


The game comes with a ten frame, illustrated number strips from 1 – 5, and a recording sheet.

(**Before playing the game, cut up the number strips and for best results laminate the strips before using).

Number Ttrips

How to play:
1) The player rolls the die. They cover the number of spaces on the ten frame that they have rolled on the die, by using the number strips. (e.g. if they roll a 4 they cover 4 squares with the 4 strip). I have included 2 die which include numbers from 1 – 9.

2) The player then solves ‘How many more to make 10 Valentines Pictures?’ by counting the remaining squares to see how many are left.

e.g. Player rolls 4. They cover 4 spaces on the ten frame. Player then counts on to figure out ‘how many more do I need to make 10’?

3) The player then records this number sentence on their recording sheet.Slide3making103making1022


This will encourage your students to count on to 10 and explore number bonds that make 10, in a fun and engaging way. It will also encourage conversation in your class about number work.

The freebie is available in my TpT store or you can download it directly here


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