The Christmas Addition Machine

I just love this time of year. Everywhere you look people are full of the holiday spirit. Ever since I was a small child this has been my favorite of the year! The lights around the neighborhood and in the main streets of the city just made it look so magical .

Have some Christmas fun with your students , with this FREEBIE Christmas Addition Machine. This is a fun and hands-on way for your students to explore number bonds up to 10.


Click HERE to download this activity.

In this ‘Christmas Addition Machine’ game, your students explore number bonds from 1-10, by using the ten frame and recording their answers on the Addition Machine and the recording sheet.

To play:

  1. Students pick an Addition Machine Card. blog pic 1

2. They use the Ten Frame to find a number bond that makes 5.

blog pic 23. Finally students fill in the numbers in the Addition Machine, and record it on their recording sheet.

Christmas Addition Machine Christmas Addition Machine - Recording Sheet


I hope you have some addition fun with your class with this game! If you are looking for more addition fun you can check out Making 10 for Christmas HERE.




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