Roll A Valentine’s Day Story

It’s hard to ignore the endless amount of pink and red hearted cuddly toys and candy filling the stores this past week! Valentine’s day is most definitely almost upon us! One thing I love about Valentine’s day now, compared to when I was growing up, is the focus upon friendship and everyone in the class getting a valentine. It’s a lot more about community building. I love when my excited kids come home with a bag full of tiny cards from their classmates and they are SO excited and spend a long time looking at every one of those cards.

If you’re looking to add some Valentine writing fun for the young writers in your class this week, this Roll a Valentine Story activity has lots of ideas! Roll A Story is a fun way to get your students to create their own story starters, and will have them having fun with their story before they even begin writing. Valentine Roll-A-Story gives beginner writers some basic elements (Character, Setting, and Problem), to create a story. With the roll of a dice they mix and match these story elements and can create a new story every time! For those writers who want something extra there’s also a ‘Extra Element’ that can be included in the story.


What you need:
A die, a roll a valentine story sheet, an extra element sheet (optional) and a recording sheet.

  1. Take a story sheet (with / without images)  and roll a die to choose:
    (a) a character, (b) a setting and (c) a problem.roll-a-story


  1. Add an extra element to the story (optional)
  1. Record what you rolled, and add any extra ideas that you have, before writing your story!

Happy Rolling and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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