3 Free Online Storytelling Resources for Kids



Hands up if you like storytime! I know I do……and so do my kids! Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to just sit back and listen to a story being read to you, take some time out and use your imagination. Recently we have been listening to some great podcasts for kids while we are out an about in the car, or just home and relaxing, and the pure pleasure of just listening to a story, or watching as someone tells you something new you haven’t heard of before, just never grows old.


It’s always nice to find new ways to share stories and storytime with your kids, at home and in school. So I wanted to share a few FREE resources that I found, that could be a great addition to your storytime sessions.



Storyline Online


Fancy having storytime read to your kids by Christian Slater, Kevin Costner, Betty White or Elijah Woods? If you haven’t yet discovered Storyline Online yet, you really should check it out. It is a FREE resource online, and it is great! Imagine sitting down and listening to some great storybooks being read by some very well-known actors, while watching an illustrated version of the book. This website gives kids access to some great titles and storytelling.

I have used this for many years, both in the classroom, and also as a parent. And the kids always love it. It’s a great way to give kids a different storytelling experience, watching someone who clearly loves to read and tell stories.





Storynory is another storytelling resource online that is FREE. I came across this resource recently and it is another great find! It has a large collection of audio stories for kids including poems and music, myths and world stories, classics, fairytales, educational and original stories. The stories are really enjoyable to listen to, and you can download the stories too! This is another great way to get kids listening to stories in class and at home in another medium. Audio books are great for improving listening skills, imagination, extending vocabulary and just giving the kids a great experience of listening to a story.



Magic Keys

maguc keys

Magic Keys is the final website I’m suggesting you should try. It also has a wide of books that are available for free. Not all of these books have audio, but you can click through the book page, by page on their site, and the books have some cute illustrations and stories. Another handy site to check out.


Happy reading with your class with these FREE online resources!

What other online resources do you use to share stories with your kids?












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